Membership Info

Thank you for your interest in the CFJ Class.  To join please use the link below.   Class information will be distributed based on the information given at the time of registration, so be careful to fill it out correctly.

Membership fees of $15 are collected annually starting on July 1. All memberships expire on June 30 each year.  Both the skipper and the crew must be a member of the Class to compete in Class sanctioned events.  New members can join anytime during the year.


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A CFJ must be measured and comply with the class rules to compete in Class sanctioned events.  A measurement fee of $25 will apply to each boat the first time the boat is measured by the Class Measurer.  To have your boat measured you must make an appointment with the Class Measurer.  The measurement fee must be paid prior to or at the time of measurement.

Measurement information is kept on file with the Class Secretary and a certificate will be issued for each.  A fee will apply if a replacement certificate is required except in the case of a transfer of ownership.

When a previously measured boat is sold the new owner must notify the Class Secretary.  A fee applies to all transfers and a new measurement certificate will be recored with the class secretary.  Some used boats may not have been measured by the class and will need to be measured like a new boat.